venerdì 17 settembre 2004

The Flower Kings - Adam & Eve

Quest'oggi ho comprato qualche CD....tutti molto belli (ho anche il "Live At Sin-E' " di Jeff Buckley finalmente !!!) uno di questi mi ha colpito particolarmente.Il CD in questione,è l'ultimo lavoro dei The Flower Kings intitolato "Adam & Eve" (consigliato a tutti quelli per cui la musica va ben oltre il semplice ascolto).Una canzone mi ha davvero entusiasmato...vuoi per le sue atmosfere inquietanti...vuoi perchè alla voce c'è mio idolo...Daniel Gildenlow (Voce e Factotum dei Pain Of Salvation)...insomma...mi piace un casino...e quindi....eccovi il testo.


I am back at the beginning,I have a crust upon my eyes
I'm alone in this my blindness,I'm alone but there is still life
Not under a tombstone,no worms are lickin' my bones
I'm just in a state where day turns to night and it's late
I am back at the beginning,I am black down to my heart
I am tied down to this rhythm,In a trance 'til death do us part
Like one of those people that are nothing but evil
A life of regrets is saved in the flower of death
All the things that are sad are saved inside my madness
All i touch will die before the summer is gone
All the blackest days will always flood my soul
Inviting me to rest upon the leaves of autumn
Searching for some kindness,lost inside my blindness
I turn around,turn around
I am back at the beginning,stripped down,down to the bone
I am blank and i am nothing,I am drained of passion and soul
I've travelled the world,All the beautiful girls
They have made me a lifelong notorious deceiver,Believe Me !!!
I'll go underground,When the sun beats down
I am back at the beginning,In the shadows upon my strike
So the world has become silent,I can tell that this ain't no life
Im the man without shadow,I've got a stoneful of pillows
There's no man in the mirror,Just me and i hate what i see !!!
From the underground we arise
On a string of bloodstained magnolias
Relentlessly throwing the dice
But there's no way we can get out of here
In a time that sees no end
I'm building this cluster so sinister
Of thoughts on love and death
In a one man strong disaster
In a dark tranquillity our hearts descend
Aching from a bittersweet that'll never end
A face with hollow eyes,A face with no more smiles
The cold face of perdition,A voice of silent cries
The blind man the rooster,The ultimate loser

A me piace tantissimo...A proposito di Vampiri...sto leggendo in questi giorni un libro bellissimo..."I diari della famiglia Dracula" di Jeanne Kalogridis....Scritto molto bene,intenso ed inquietante,getta una nuova prospettiva molto affascinante sulla Storia del Conte Dracula...Per ora basta.Alla prossima visionaria elucubrazione mentale.

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